Monday, 20 July 2015

Seek Help When Relocating Your Business

Seek help when relocating your business

The Energy Advice Line has urged small businesses that need to move premises to get in touch after a survey showed 20% of firms put off relocating because they cannot face changing service providers.

Julian Morgan, managing director of the price comparison, switching and advice service for energy users said it was unfortunate that so many business owners were staying in potentially inappropriate premises because dealing with suppliers was so hard.

“Small business owners should get in touch with us because we can sort out their business energy needs, leaving them free to get on with moving and ensuring their firms make a smooth transition to new premises,” Mr Morgan said.

“Taking business energy supplies in hand early in the relocation process can save firms all manner of headache further down the line.”

The poll of 600 small businesses by Big Six energy supplier E.ON found that more than a fifth of firms have put off moving because they could not face dealing with transferring service providers, including energy companies.

Overall, SMEs delay moving premises because it is the most stressful task they undertake after hiring new staff. Even handling finances, covering staff absences and dealing with customer complaints are less onerous, according to the survey.

The poll also revealed that moving premises costs the average SME an estimated £40,000 over five years, accounting for around 2.5% of their annual turnover, and included the actual amount spent on moving and upgrading new premises as well as the losses caused by disruption to business.

“We understand that arranging essential services like gas and electricity in new premises can be very stressful, but putting off relocating just to avoid this has the potential to impede a firm’s future growth,” Mr Morgan said.

“Arranging energy supplies at a new property can be complicated, but not if you take control: you can choose to do it the easy way or the hard way.

“The hard way is to move but park the question of energy in the too-hard basket, which is not a good idea. This puts business owners at the mercy of rogue energy brokers who prey on firms that have just moved into new premises by cold calling and using high-pressure techniques to sell deals that are not competitive.

“Doing nothing also increases the chances of a firm paying significantly more than they need to by automatically moving onto the expensive standard tariff supplying the premises when they move in.
“The easy way to deal with this is simply to give us a call in the weeks or even months leading up to the move. We will find the cheapest most appropriate tariff and handle all the rest. It doesn’t get easier than that.”

The Energy Advice Line is a consumer champion and an independent price comparison and switching service for householders and small and medium-sized businesses. The service enables consumers to quickly and simply compare electricity and gas prices, and to switch to the best available deal on the market.

The service also offers free advice and a contract management service, including alerts to remind business consumers users when their fixed-term energy contracts are about to end.

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