Friday, 26 January 2018

Top Tips for 2018

If you're looking to get your energy spend in check for 2018 then look no further. We've got reminders of some of the easily forgotten jobs, as well as a couple of different ones you may not have thought of before.

  • Energy saving light bulbs - now a standard in most stores, there's really no excuse to not be using them. Be sure to check the colour of the bulb your buying, soft or warm whites are best for the home whereas cool or pure whites are more suitable for the office according to the Energy Saving Trust. Bonus tip: when did you last clean your lights? Dust in the fittings can reduce efficiency so be sure to give them a quick wipe when you change the bulbs.
  • Clearing out the freezer - one for the home, while having your freezer sufficiently filled helps keep the temperature constant, over-filling can result in the items nearer the door defrosting without you realising. Consider defrosting a couple of times a year to ensure everything is working as it should.
  • PAT Testing - make sure to book a regular PAT testing with your local service engineers and ensure that all office and work place electroics are working up to scratch and not likely to cause any hazards. While replacing old equipment will be an upfront cost, newer devices are likely to be more efficient meaning long term savings.
  • The Tea Round - While often the tea round can be a good time for a bit of office gossip catching up, it's also more energy efficient than everyone making their own 'sneaky tea'. The guidelines to keep in mind however include not filling the kettle with more water than you need, always fill enough to cover the heating element, and it doesn't necessarily need to reach a full boil before making the tea.
  • Get a smart meter - You've no doubt received a letter from your supplier by now requesting to book an appointment for your smart meter installation. The main aim of these units is to report your energy usage back to your supplier in real time, but it also helps you to see how much your spending - consider tracking your usage for one month, and then trying to beat it the next.
 And don't forget, it always pays to make sure you're paying the best rates on the market. Visit for your free, no obligation quote and find out how much you could be saving when you switch. Not all suppliers charge if you leave the contract early, or you can register for a renewal reminder to check again once your contract is up for renewal.